Cemetery fees and charges

Exclusive right of burial - for 50 years

Grave Cost
Full grave space £584
Half grave space £292
Old public grave £152
Half old public grave £76

Interment fees

Interment Cost
Stillborn - 1 month Free
Child - 1 month to 12 years Free
Over 12 years/ adult single/double/treble depth graves £584
Cremated remains £185
Scattering of ashes £57
Additional fee - casket/non-standard coffin £332
Interment cancellation £57.50
Statutory declaration / transfer of grave rights £39

Monumental mason registration

Annual registration fee due 1 April 2019 or with first application.

Monumental Masons Cost
Permission for monuments and headstones £112
Permission for monuments and headstones (under 12 years) Free
Each additional inscription £25.50
Monumental Mason registration fee £67

Miscellaneous fees

Miscellaneous Cost
Fixing 6 x 4 plaque £260*
Fixing 11 x 7 plaque £437*
Administration fee £35

Searching cemetery registers

Search Cost
First name £28
Each subsequent name £13
Certified copies of searches £28

All the above fees are exempt from VAT, except those marked with a *, which are inclusive of VAT.

Charge for interment/exclusive rights of burial

Interment/Exclusive Rights of Burial Cost
Charge for the interment of a **non-resident of Eden District Double fees
Charge for the exclusive rights of burial for a **non-resident of Eden District ***Double fees
Charge for an interment outside of prescribed hours Double fees

**Individual who had not lived in the Eden District within their last 12 months

***The fee for purchasing a grave is doubled for those not currently living in Eden District, unless the grave space has been bought to be used for an upcoming funeral of an Eden Resident

Repurchase of an unused grave space

The repurchase price will be the amount originally paid, less an amount of 15% to cover the cost of administration.

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