Cemetery regulations

Cemetery Regulations have been introduced to maintain an acceptable standard for the cemeteries in Eden.

Terms used in regulations

  • "The Council" means Eden District Council.
  • "The Cemetery" means any cemetery managed by us and shall include any chapels or buildings therein, which are not privately owned.
  • "The Bereavement Services Office" covers all the cemeteries maintained by us.
  • "Memorial" can refer to:
    • A headstone.
    • Monument.
    • Cross.
    • Flat stone.
    • Kerbing.
    • Any other object placed over the grave.

General regulations

  • Pedestrian access is permitted from 8am until dusk.
  • Vehicle access, except for attendance at an interment, is restricted to disabled or infirm visitors and those authorised by us.
  • No vehicles will be allowed in the Cemetery after dusk unless authorised by us.
  • Vehicle speed is restricted to 5mph.
  • Bicycles, skate boards or similar must not be ridden in the cemetery.
  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead and should not be allowed to foul the cemetery grounds.

For further advice on cemetery regulations:

Contact: Bereavement Services Office

Interment bookings can only be made via direct contact with the Duty Officer. This is through the designated cemetery number or email address.


See the interments page for all details.

Certificate for disposal

  • The Registrar's Certificate for Disposal.
  • The Coroner's Order for Burial.
  • The *Certificate of Cremation must be given to the Duty Cemetery Officer by 9am. This must be 48 hours before an interment can take place.

*We would prefer that the Cremation Certificate in provided to us 48 hours before interment takes place. If you are unable to produce it beforehand, we will accept it at the graveside, before the start of the burial.

Purchased graves

This is a grave for which the Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased. This gives the purchaser/s:

  • The right to be buried in the grave.
  • The right to authorise the use of the grave for other interments.
  • To right to apply for a memorial to be erected.

If a grave is to be used and the deceased is not the owner, the original purchaser/s will need to give authorisation. They will need to provide the original grave deed. If the grave deed cannot be produced, a Statutory Declaration will need to be completed.

If a grave is to be used and the deceased is not the owner and the original purchaser/s are deceased, a Statutory Declaration will need to be completed.

Exclusive Rights of Burial are currently granted for 50 years from the date of purchase.

Exclusive Rights of Burial granted prior to April 2000 are for 100 years from the date of purchase.

The owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial may transfer the right to another person. They can do this by submitting a Transfer Application Form. This is obtainable from Penrith Cemetery Office, and by payment of a transfer fee.

Grave spaces

  • Standard grave space 2.7m (9') x 1.2m (4').
  • Half grave spaces available for a child or cremated remains interment.
  • Full grave spaces are available for up to:
    • Penrith Cemetery - 3 burials, followed by up to 8 interments of cremated remains;
    • Appleby Cemetery - 2 burials, followed by up to 8 interments of cremated remains;
    • Alston, Garrigill and Nenthead Cemeteries - 1 burial, followed by up to 8 interments of cremated remains.

Half graves

Half grave spaces may be used for up to 4 interments of Cremated Remains.

Depth of grave

Graves have to be dug to a sufficient depth to allow for future burials to take place. The grave needs to be deep enough to allow the depth and shape of coffins/caskets. It must accommodate the legal requirements of undisturbed earth between each coffin. This is the amount of earth that must cover the last interment.

Public graves

These are graves where no Exclusive Rights to the grave have been purchased. A memorial cannot be erected.

Soil boxes

We reserve the right to place a soil box on a grave next to those which are being opened, without any notice. The soil box will be removed immediately after the interment and the grave will be left as it was previously.


Coffins made from:

  • Wood
  • Wicker/cane
  • Cardboard
  • Biodegradable caskets
  • Shrouds
  • Urns

will be accepted for burial. Non-standard coffins incur an additional fee.


All necessary original documents must be received by the Duty Officer by 9am, 48 hours prior to the funeral. Documents cannot be received on weekends or public holidays. Without the original documents, the interment will not be allowed to proceed.

The conduct of all funerals within the cemetery is subject to the control of our designated officer.

Music may only be played in the cemetery grounds with prior permission.

Immediately after the interment the grave will be backfilled to the level of adjoining ground. Any floral tributes will be placed on the grave.

Flowers and wreaths

Floral tributes at the time of burial will be removed by cemetery staff after two weekends have elapsed since burial.

If requested by the grave owner, any floral tributes may be removed earlier, or left on for up to a maximum of four weekends after the burial. The grave owner must contact the Bereavement Services Office directly to arrange for this. The request must be made within 5 days following the burial. 

  • Cemetery staff may decide to remove floral tributes earlier if they become unsightly.
  • Christmas wreaths will be removed by cemetery staff during the second week of February.
  • All other floral tributes should be maintained by those visiting graves.
  • All material suitable for composting, for example, floral, plant remains, should be placed in the wheeled bins provided.
  • All other waste material should be placed in the black wheeled bins or baskets also located at the cemetery gates.


  • Memorials may only be placed on a grave space for which the Exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased.
  • Memorials are not permitted in the Woodland Burial Area at Penrith Cemetery, or on any graves or cremated remains plots for which the Exclusive Rights of Burial have not been purchased.
  • Wooden crosses are permitted as temporary grave markers in lawn cemetery areas, prior to the installation of a permanent memorial, but must then be removed from the cemetery.
  • Only one headstone/memorial per grave space is allowed.
  • New footstones, kerbstones or other forms of surround are not allowed.
  • An application for all proposed memorials and inscriptions must be submitted to us for approval. All appropriate fees paid prior to any works being undertaken on site.
  • All permanent memorials are to be constructed and installed by a competent stonemason registered with us. This is in accordance with the current National Association of Memorial Mason's Code of Practice. A copy is available on request. This is to be to the satisfaction of the Supervising Officer.
  • No work is to take place in the cemetery before 8.30am and after 5.00pm or sunset (whichever is sooner). No work will take place on Saturdays, Sundays, or any bank or public holidays, except by agreement with us. Monumental masons will be required to suspend work for the duration of a funeral.
  • Any damage done in connection with the erection of a memorial must be made good by the person erecting the memorial. The site is to be left in a tidy condition.
  • No memorial may exceed 1.2m (4') in height and 0.75m (2'6'') in width on single grave spaces or 1.8m (6') width on double grave spaces.
  • Memorials in cremated remains rows and children's burial areas may not exceed 0.685m (2'3'') in height.
  • All memorials must be installed with stainless steel ground anchors which comply with the NAMM Code of Practice, except by agreement with us.
  • All new memorials must have the corresponding grave space number placed conspicuously on the left hand side of the stones base, or the reverse of the memorial.
  • Memorials installed in the existing cemetery areas are to be installed on a 36"x18" (0.92 x 0.45m) concrete flag, except by agreement with us.
  • Memorials installed in the Lawn Area of the extension land at Penrith Cemetery are to be installed on a 36"x18" (0.90 x 0.45m) concrete flag. This is to be set below ground level, except by agreement with us.
  • Fixed memorial/s may be temporarily removed, without prior notice. This is to allow a nearby grave to be safely dug in preparation for use.
  • The responsibility for the safety and upkeep, including repairs to any gravestone or memorial, remains solely with the owner(s) of the grave or their successor(s) in title.
  • We will make regular checks of memorials. Any memorials found to be unstable will be temporarily supported or laid flat. We reserve the right to repair or remove unsafe memorials at our discretion if the owner or successor cannot be found, or refuses to arrange repairs.
  • Shrubs, plants, bulbs and trees may not be planted without our permission and then only in the immediate surrounds of the memorial space at the head of the grave (36''x18''). We reserve the right to prune or remove, without notice, any tree or plant that becomes a hazard, a nuisance or an obstruction.
  • We reserve the right to remove any items not contained within the footprint of the headstone base (36''x18'') which may be deemed as dangerous, a nuisance, or inappropriate.


We reserve the right to amend any of the foregoing regulations and to deal with any circumstances or contingency not provided for in the regulations as necessary.

We have in pursuance of our General Powers of Management contained in Article 3 (1) of the Local Authorities' Cemeteries Order 1977, made the Cemetery Rules and Regulations. These rules and regulations are to be observed in the cemeteries under the management and control by us.

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