Local register office

Cumbria County Council run Penrith Registration Office. It is the Registration Office for the whole of Eden district, situated in Penrith Library.

To register a death in Eden

If someone dies within the Eden district, you can register their death at Penrith Registration Office. You will have to make an appointment before you go to the Registration Office, as they have an appointments only system.

Book an appointment with a Registrar on the Cumbria County Council website.

Go to 'registering a death' on Cumbria County Council's website for details for registering a death and the information you will need.

Contact Penrith Registration Office

See contact details and opening hours for Penrith Registration Office on Cumbria County Council's website.

To register a death outside Eden

If someone from Eden dies elsewhere, you can register their death at any register office. Although, if you use the register office in the area where the person died, you will be given the documents you will need on the day you register the death.

Go to 'find a register office' on GOV.UK for a postcode search to find the nearest register office in the UK.

Go to 'registration offices' in Cumbria on the Cumbria County Council website for a map showing the registration offices in Cumbria.

Go to 'register a death' on GOV.UK to find out how to register a death in the UK or abroad.


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