Trade waste bins, trade waste sacks and costs

Amey carry out trade waste collections, on our behalf, under contract. They provide trade waste bins and white trade waste sacks.

Trade waste bins and trade waste sacks

Amey provide trade waste bins in three sizes 240, 360 and 1,100 litre sizes, and white trade waste sacks that hold 25 litres.

Trade waste sacks, bin hire and emptying costs

Container Size in
Commercial waste
emptying charge
Household waste
emptying charge
White plastic sacks 25 N/A 2.08 1.02
Wheeled bin 240 15.31 240.99 98.57
Wheeled bin 360 26.50 404.08 185.06
Wheeled bin 1,100 96.34 1,159.25 456.00

These are the maximum charges our contractor can use, which do not include VAT.

Order trade waste bins or white trade waste sacks

Order trade waste bins or white trade waste sacks from our contractor, Amey, on the details below:

Arrangements for trade waste collections

Find out about trade waste collections to arrange a collection to suit your business needs.

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