Penrith car parks and parking charges

Penrith pay and display car parks

Car park Car spaces Blue badge spaces Motorcycle spaces Coach spaces Length of stay Near to:
CA11 7TP
120 10 6 6

Cars, bikes and light goods vehicles up to 168 consecutive hours.

Motorhomes, caravans and coaches up to 24 consecutive hours.

Shop Mobility,
Bus station, and
Burrowgate Post Office.

Bluebell Lane
CA11 7LX
127 3 0 0

Cars, bikes and light goods vehicles up to 168 consecutive hours.

Motorhomes, caravans and coaches up to 24 consecutive hours.


Drovers Lane
CA11 7QL
104 0 0 0 Unlimited waiting time.

Penrith Police Station
and Penrith Town Hall.

Princes Street
CA11 7BJ
21 4 2 0 Up to 2 hours.*

Penrith Main Post Office.

Mansion House
weekends only

CA11 7YG
50 1 0 0 Up to 24 hours.

Penrith Library
and Burrowgate Post Office.

Town Hall
weekends only

CA11 7QF
38 3 0 0 Up to 12 hours.

Penrith Tourist Information Centre.

*Excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays

Problem with a Penrith car park

Report a car park problem online if you have problems with a vehicle, parking charges, parking payment machine, traffic warden or a general complaint with any of the car parks above.

Pay in advance for long stay parking

Book and pay for long stay parking online for any period up to the maximum stay time in Sandgate, Bluebell Lane or Drovers Lane car parks.

Or contact Customer Services.

Or visit the Town Hall.

We will issue you with a temporary permit once you have paid.

Sandgate, Bluebell Lane, Mansion House, Town Hall and Dovers Lane parking charges

Hours Charges
Up to 1 hour 1.30
Up to 2 hours 2.00
Up to 4 hours 3.50
Up to 10 hours 5.00
Sundays and Bank Holidays 1.00
6pm - 8am Free

Princes Street parking charges

Hours Charges
Up to1 hour 1.30
Up to 2 hours 2.10
Sundays and Bank Holidays 1.00
6pm - 8am Free

Season tickets

Car parking season tickets are available for Bluebell Lane, Mansion House, Penrith Leisure Centre, Sandgate and Drovers Lane car parks. However there may be a waiting list for these.

Other car parks and parking in Penrith

Caravans, camper vans and motorhomes

Camper vans less than 3,500Kg in weight are permitted to park in all of the Pay and Display car parks.

Motorhomes, and cars pulling caravans, which are too large to fit in the standard parking bays, are permitted to park within a parking bay marked for coaches, in Sandgate car park, Penrith.

Drivers of motorhomes and caravans are advised to purchase multiple tickets to cover the number of spaces the vehicle occupies. It is not permitted for people to sleep or camp overnight in motorhomes and caravans in the car parks.


Motorcycles can park free in the designated motorcycle bays in Sandgate and Princes Street car parks in Penrith. Motorcycles parked in standard bays must buy and display a valid parking ticket. Solo motorcycles (two wheeled motorcycles with no side car) parked in an on-street disc area are exempt from displaying a disc, a motorcycle with a side car will need to display a valid disc.

Lorry parking in Penrith

Lorries and other commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are not permitted to park in our pay and display car parks. Lorries over 7.5 tonnes are not permitted to enter the town centre between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

Lorries leaving the M6 motorway at Junction 40 should head for Penrith Industrial Estate, CA11 9EH.

Visit AW Jenkinson Penrith Truck Stop website for more details.

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