Edenhall conservation area

Designation of Edenhall conservation area

The central part of Edenhall village was designated as a conservation area on 27 September 2004.

Description of Edenhall

The village of Edenhall is situated on improved lowland pasture with areas of plantation and woodland and is quite well hidden within the Eden Valley. The character of the landscape and the current layout and architecture of the village are strongly influenced by farming, particularly the large farming estate of Edenhall. There are several listed buildings in the village including the Parish Church of St Cuthbert’s which dates from the 12th Century and possibly earlier. Other surviving buildings date from the very early 18th Century onwards. The buildings and the layout of Edenhall, with its stone boundary walls, gateways and avenues of trees, give the village a distinct and unique character.

Edenhall conservation are character appraisal

Read the Edenhall Conservation Area Character Appraisal (PDF: 838Kb / 19 pages)

Edenhall Conservation Area Plan
Edenhall conservation area

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