Local Development Order

What is a Local Development Order?

Local Development Orders were introduced through the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. In effect, they grant planning permission for the specific form and type of development detailed in the order.

Local Development Orders in Eden

We have been awarded funding by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to set up one of 17 Government-backed Food Enterprise Zones across England. The Food Enterprise Zones will use a Local Development Order to streamline the planning process in these areas and support growth for businesses.

We propose to make a Local Development Order granting planning permission for the erection of buildings and/or the use of land as part of a Food and Farming Enterprise Zone, in accordance with a specified design code on the following sites in Eden:

  • Cross Croft Industrial Estate, Appleby
  • Gilwilly Industrial Estate Extension, Penrith
  • Kirkby Stephen Business Park
  • Newton Rigg Campus, Penrith
  • Skirsgill (land to the south of the A66), Penrith
  • Skelgillside Workshops, Alston
  • The Old Creamery Industrial Estate, Appleby

Maps of the sites are available in the draft Local Development Order and Design Code background documents.

Background documents

A copy of the draft Order and a statement of our reasons for making the Order can be viewed at Mansion House, Penrith and Local Links centres in Alston, Appleby and Kirkby Stephen during normal working hours.

An electronic copy of these documents are available to download on this webpage:


It is necessary for us to consult with site owners, tenants and neighbours who we believe may be affected by this proposal and to ask for any comments they may have.

The consultation period ended on Friday, 15 December 2017. All consultation feedback will be considered before the Local Development Order is ready for adoption.

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