Trees in conservation areas

Conservation Areas are designated by the Local Planning Authority (LPA) in areas of special architectural or historic interest, to help preserve or enhance their character or appearance. As a consequence of the Conservation Area designation, any tree over 75mm in diameter, at 1.5m above ground level, is given automatic protection.

What protection is given to trees in conservation areas?

No cutting, removal, wilful damage. or destruction of any tree over 75mm in diameter, at 1.5m above ground level, is allowed without giving prior notification to the LPA (a section 211 notice). The LPA then has 6 weeks to decide whether the tree should be made the subject of a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). There are a few exceptions to these restrictions, and it is advisable to seek the advice of the LPA. Any person doing anything to a tree in a conservation area that would normally be prohibited by a TPO can be prosecuted, unless permission has been given by the LPA, or 6 weeks have elapsed since notice of intention to carry out the work was submitted and there has been no reply from the LPA.

What should I do if I want to carry out work to trees in a Conservation Area?

Submit a written notice to the LPA. There is no set format for this notice, but to be considered valid, it must specify the trees to be worked on (referring to a plan is helpful) and describe accurately and in sufficient detail the work to be carried out. Reasons for the proposed work are also helpful. If the notice is too vague, it may be rejected as invalid, therefore, pre-notification discussions with the LPA, or a professional adviser, should be considered to avoid delays.

Application for tree works forms

Download 1APP Tree Work notification form (PDF: 466Kb / 4 pages) from the Planning Portal and once completed return to the address on the form.

Read the guidance notes for application for Tree Works, on the Planning Portal for help completing the form.

Application forms are also available from the Council offices.

What can I do if I think unauthorised work to trees is taking place?

Search planning register for details of all TPO applications and Conservation Area tree work notifications.

We keep a register of all Tree Preservation Orders within our jurisdiction and enquiries should be directed to the Planning Policy Section (or the Lake District National Park Authority, or Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority if in the National Parks).

Report suspected illegal tree felling on GOV.UK, if you suspect anyone of cutting down trees without permission, you can report this to the Forestry Commission.

Apply for a felling licence on GOV.UK if a number of trees are going to be removed.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority extension area

From August 2016, the following villages and surrounding areas became part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) area: Crosby Garrett, Crosby Ravensworth, Great Asby, Maulds Meaburn, Orton and Ravenstonedale. The YDNPA deals with trees which are protected by a TPO or by Conservation Area status.

Further information

Consult Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas on GOV.UK, which explains the legislation governing Tree Preservation Orders and tree protection in conservation areas.

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