Officer delegated decision records details - Disabled Facilities Grant - Reference 180068

Disabled Facilities Grant - Reference 180068

Resolved that the following application be approved subject to the applicants first agreeing in writing to be bound

by the Council's conditions for Disabled Facilities Grants.


File Reference: 180068

Total Cost: £61987.36

Client Contribution: £32072.36

Grant Approved: £30000.00

Decision made by:
Assistant Director Community Services
Date decision made:
07 November 2019
Reasons for decision:
  1. To improve the living conditions of the applicant by making necessary adaptations to their home.

2. To accord to the Corporate Priority of Housing.

This record will be kept until
07 November 2025
Summary of options rejected

Refusal or deferral

Background papers:

File Reference 180068

Officer / Councillor interests declared:


Assistant Director Community Services