Scrutiny review list

Year Date Review title and description Status Review report, outcome and related information Outcome Date completed
2016 07/03/2016

Overview review of Out of Hours Service

To consider the current out of hour's service including Christmas opening times, telephone and automated messaging services.

Programmed     12/07/2016
2016 02/02/2016

Overview review of Review of Eden District Council's Sandbag Policy

In light of the December 2015 floods we are currently looking our policy to assess whether our Sandbag policy worked effectively during the floods of December 2015 or whether revisions need to be made to the policy. This review will run until May 2016.

Current     26/05/2016
2015 03/11/2015

Overview review of Heritage Assets in Eden

This review looked at whether Eden made the most use of its Heritage Assets. The review began by ascertaining how Eden was performing nationally in regards to heritage tourism and to understand the work that was currently being undertaken by Eden's Tourism Managers. Members were informed that Eden District Council's Tourism Managers were submitting a proposal to Historic England to create collaborative leaflets to promote the heritage attractions throughout Eden. Members were encouraged by this proposal and recommended that the Council support this endeavour.


The Executive RESOLVED that:

  1. The proposal to Historic England by Eden's Tourism Network Heritage Subgroup be endorsed by the Council
  2. That if the project proposal is accepted by Historic England, the Executive ascertain whether any grant could be made by the Council to assist with part funding the project.

See final report in the Executive minutes for Tuesday 9 February 2016 meeting.

Accepted 09/02/2016
2015 01/11/2015

Overview review of Single Site Project

This review looked at the possibility of bringing the council under one building. This would involve a proposed extension to the Penrith Town Hall and the sale of Mansion House. This review considered the advantages and disadvantages of the Council being located on to one site. The review was completed in December 2015.


This report when to Council on 3 December 2015.

See final report in the Council minutes for Thursday 3 December 2015 meeting.

Accepted 18/12/2015
2015 07/10/2015

Overview review of Budget Scrutiny

This review looked at the 2016-2017 Council budget. As part of the review Members of the task and finish group considered whether the budget being presented was effective and in line with the Council’s corporate priorities and strategic actions within the Corporate Plan.


The task and finish group made recommendations to improve the budget consultation in future years.

See final report in the Executive minutes for Tuesday 26 January 2016 meeting.

Accepted 26/01/2016
2015 26/06/2015

Panel consultation review of Mystery Shopping 2015

Mystery Shopping is incorporated in the Council Plan for the Scrutiny function, requiring five different areas of the Council's services to be tested. The service standards test included: Cemeteries, Elections and Electoral Registration, Food Hygiene, Open Spaces and Waste Services.


View the Mystery Shopping's report(PDF: 67Kb / 5 pages)

The members found that, on the whole, the services tested fulfilled their service standards.

See report on the Scrutiny Coordinating Board Agenda for Thursday 23 April 2015.

Accepted 23/04/2015
2014 20/11/2014

Overview review of Armed Forces Covenant

This review used a new approach for Scrutiny in Eden with the Housing and Communities Committee hosting a workshop to consider what support is available for ex-forces veterans who return to Eden and Cumbria. The workshop heard what work has already been undertaken in Eden which supports ex-forces veterans, heard from representatives at Cumbria County Council to gain a greater understanding of the Cumbrian Armed Force Covenant and representatives from the Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner who are working with voluntary agencies to establish a hostel in Egremont. The workshop developed initial recommendations on the night and a final report with full recommendations will be discussed at the Housing and Communities Committee meeting in January 2015.

Completed See details of the presentation in the Housing and Communities Scrutiny Committee minutes for Thursday 6 November 2014 meeting. Accepted 20/11/2014
2014 20/11/2014

Panel consultation review of Eden Corporate Plan Review

The Scrutiny Coordinating Board hosted a workshop for all non-Executive Councillors in order to input into the development of the Council's new Corporate Plan from 2015-2019. A report outlining the Board's findings was discussed at the Board's meeting on the 20 November 2014 and these findings will feed into the Eden Community Conference, rather than being presented to the Executive.

Completed Corporate Plan Review Report Accepted 20/11/2014
2014 20/11/2014

In depth review of Post 16 Transport

This review is aiming to develop a robust evidence base of the situation with regards to young people's ability to access post 16 transport in Eden in order to share information with the County Council and lobby the government for a change of policy. Further information will be available shortly.

Completed This review was postponed until 2015-2016 to allow Cumbria County Council to undertake further consultation with parents/guardians and local schools.   20/11/2014
2014 20/11/2014

Overview review of Scrutiny Response to the Draft Eden Local Plan

This review sought to assess whether the recommendations from three previous scrutiny reviews had been incorporated into the draft Eden Local Plan. The three previous reviews were the Housing Preferred Sites and Policies, Employment Preferred Sites and Polices and Reuse of Old Buildings reviews. The review also sought to identify any further issues which should be considered as part of the wider Local Plan consultation process.


The review report was presented to the September meeting of the Scrutiny Coordinating Board. A copy of the final report can be found on the agenda for the Scrutiny Coordinating Board meeting held on 11 September 2014.


Minutes for the Executive meeting held on 14 October 2014.

Accepted 11/09/2014
2014 14/04/2014

In depth review of Ambulance Response Times in Eden

To examine the current performance of the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) against Category R1 (immediate life threatening calls) and Category R2 (less critical but still urgent) To understand the limitations/obstacles that prevent achievement of targets and consider if/how these can be overcome. To examine the pattern of Community Responders in the district and if/how to develop the scheme To monitor the new approved proposals for the Alston Ambulance Service during the review period.


The final report was presented to the Housing and Communities Committee in August 2014. A copy of the report can be found on the agenda for the Housing and Communities Committee from the 28 August 2014

Accepted, this review has also been sent to the Cumbria Joint Health Scrutiny Committee

Minutes from Executive meeting held on 2 September 2014.

Accepted 28/08/2014
2014 14/04/2014

In depth review of Re-use of Old Buildings

To review Eden's current policy on the re-use of old buildings outside Local Service Centre to consider whether it needs updating. If the review considers the policy does need updating, then to make appropriate recommendations. To consider whether a policy on building re-use specific to Alston Moor is viable or appropriate.

Completed See the final report in the Executive minutes for Tuesday 4 March 2014. Accepted 14/04/2014
2014 14/04/2014

Overview review of Penrith Football Club

To review how the Penrith FC stadium build was managed, and to see if there can be any lessons learned from the process. To assess the current situation and to suggest ways to move forward, ensuring that best value is achieved.

Completed The final report see Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board Thursday 24 April 2014 Accepted in part 14/04/2014
2013 21/11/2013

In depth review of Footway Lighting Phase 2

To retain sufficient footway lighting assessed against agreed criteria that can be sustainably maintained in the future.

Completed The final report see Executive Tuesday 7 January 2014 Accepted in part 21/11/2013
2013 21/11/2013

Overview review of Scrutiny Review of the 2014/2015 Budget Process

To consider whether the Executive has produced an effective budget that would meet the Council’s corporate priorities and strategic actions in the corporate plan. To review each Portfolio Holder’s budget to ensure that it is sufficiently detailed to convey a clear picture of each area’s proposed spending To ensure that the correct budget setting process has been followed in line with the Council’s rules and procedures as set out in the Constitution.

Completed   Accepted 21/11/2013
2013 03/06/2013

Overview review of Employment Land Preferred Sites and Policies Consultation Document Scrutiny Review

To ensure the document and proposals therein to be presented for policy approval will best serve the district and residents of Eden.

Completed See the Employment Land Preferred Sites and Policies Consultation Scrutiny Review final report on the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee Thursday 17 October, 2013.   05/09/2013
2013 09/01/2013

In depth review of Scrutiny Review into Wheelchair Accessible Transport

A Scrutiny review into the provision of wheelchair accessible transport in Eden.

Completed The Final Report can be found Executive minutes for Tuesday 21 May 2013 meeting.   30/03/2013
2013 09/01/2013

In depth review of the Housing Development Policy Document

The Housing Development Policy Document is the document that allocates sites for housing throughout the district. The group is also reviewing the criteria for allocating the Local Service Centres which are the villages outside the Key Service Centres (the Districts towns of Alston, Kirkby Stephen, Appleby and Penrith). The review of the Policy Document is not finished and will be added to the Scrutiny Work Programme for 2012/2013

Completed   Accepted in part 30/04/2013
2013 09/01/2013

In depth review of Scrutiny Review into Public Toilet Provision

A scrutiny review into the provision of public toilets in parts of the district where there is more than one facility in close proximity to each other.

Completed See public toilet review final report on the Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board agenda for Thursday 30 May, 2013. Accepted in part 30/05/2013
2013 09/01/2013

Overview review of Scrutiny Review of the 2013/2014 Budget process

A review of the budget consultation process focusing on the Portfolio Holder's meetings with senior officers to agree the 2013/2014 budget.

Completed The members were satisfied that the 2013/2014 budget was in line with the council's resources plan and corporate plan. They also were satisfied that the process of agreeing the budget was effective.   10/01/2013
2013 09/01/2013

In depth review of Communication Links with Rural Communities

A review of how the council communicates with rural communities and how we can improve our service to remote parts of the district.

Completed     19/09/2013
2013 09/01/2013

Overview review of Scrutiny Review into Footway Lighting

A short review of the Council's policies governing its strategic approach to the replacement of footway lights. This was a brief review to update Eden's policies in this area ahead of a larger consultation on the future of footway lighting in the district.

Completed   Accepted 06/09/2012
2012 22/11/2012

In depth review of Marketing Eden for Business

A review into how the District could be promoted as a destination for businesses more effectively.

Completed     22/11/2012
2012 11/09/2012

Overview review of Scrutiny Review of Local Service Centres

The scrutiny review group examined the process of evaluating the local service centres being undertaken by the planning policy department to agree the designation of local service centres.


The review group members compiled their own data on which centres had which services and cross-checked them with the research undertaken by planning policy.

The members on the whole found the process to be sound. They made a couple of recommendations which will be taken into account when the wider consultation on local service centres is completed.

Accepted in part 11/09/2012
2012 03/09/2012

Panel consultation review of Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is incorporated in the Council's corporate plan for the scrutiny function, requiring five different areas of the Council's services to be tested. The service standards test included: Licensing, legal, street cleansing, health and safety enforcement, leisure.

Completed The members found that, on the whole, the services tested fulfilled their service standards. Accepted 06/11/2012
2012 30/08/2012

Overview review of Homelessness

Scrutiny members investigated whether the council's homelessness budget offered good value for money.

Completed The Scrutiny members concluded that the outsourced service provided to the council did provide a good service and was good value for money. Accepted 30/08/2012
2012 31/07/2012

In depth review of Renewable Energy

A review of the spectrum of different types of technology available for generating renewable energy, with a view to understanding more about the pros and cons of the different approaches.

Current   Accepted in part 31/07/2012
2012 03/07/2012

Overview review of Scrutiny Review of the Single Site Proposals

The review examined the single site proposals pros and cons, as well as the process of bringing it about.

Completed the report was considered and any decisions on the single site were postponed to a future date when more information was available. Accepted 03/07/2012
2012 01/05/2012

In depth review of Eden Business Park Phase 2

The review looked into the plans to extend Eden business park and explored all possible options.

Completed   Accepted 01/05/2012
2012 23/04/2012

Overview review of proposals for a Penrith Town Council

A review of the proposals and processes set up to help create a Town Council for Penrith.

2012 01/02/2012

In depth review of Local Economy

The review explored ways of strengthening the local economy.

Completed More training for members in how best to help drive the economy forward. More community conferences would be organised to help promote entrepreneurial skills in the district. More advertising will be considered. The Council will endeavour to ensure that its procurement strategy shows a commitment to local procurement. Accepted 01/02/2012
2011 04/07/2011

In depth review into the Future Usage of the Old London Road

A review into the Old London Road site with a view to discussing possible future alternative usage. An interim report into the review's progress so far was presented to the Economy and Environment Panel in September 2011. The Review is now suspended awaiting a technical report detailing the level and type of any possible contamination on the land resulting from its previous use as a gasworks.

Current     18/01/2012
2011 17/03/2011

In depth review of Household Rubbish and Recycling

To consider the various options for the service, including the possibilities of: extending greenbox recycling collection scheme introducing wheeled bins introducing alternate weekly collection

Completed The Review Group made a recommendation to remain on a weekly refuse collection with the possibility of extending and improving the recycling service we offer depending on final costings. This recommendation was accepted by full Council at a special meeting of the Council on 8 September 2011. Accepted 17/03/2011
2010 04/11/2010 In depth review of Housing Supplementary Planning Document Completed Housing Supplementary Planning Document Review Final Report (PDF: 125Kb / 15 pages)   04/11/2010
2010 15/04/2010

In depth review of Partnerships

The review produced a final report in April 2010. Four partnerships were reviewed: Cumbria Strategic Partnership Eden Arts Eden and Carlisle Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership Eden Youth Work Partnership Terms of Reference: To investigate whether the partnership is giving value for money To quantify the benefits to the Council - that the outputs are greater than the inputs To establish that the reasons for the partnership are still relevant.


Partnerships Review 2009/2010 - Final Report (PDF: 420Kb / 24 pages)

This and the previous review completed in 2009 have been accredited as best practice documents. The work has been submitted to North West Employers as case study material for their e-learning modules. The reviews have recently been submitted to the CfPS Good Scrutiny Awards 2011.

2010 13/01/2010

In depth review of Scrutiny Review of the Budget

Councillors Mrs P Bell (Chairman),
R Burgin,
M Eyles,
K Morgan,
J Nicholson,
G Nicolson
and S Simpson.

The Review Group attended a number of Portfolio Budget meetings and concluded these were immensely useful to the review. There were a number of recommendations made.

Completed Performance Panel Agenda: 21 January 2010: Item 4 (PDF: 219Kb / 4 pages)   31/01/2011
2010 04/01/2010

Overview review of Scrutiny Annual Report

Annual report for 2008-2009

Completed Scrutiny Annual Report 2008-2009 (PDF: 373Kb / 12 pages)   31/01/2011
2009 17/09/2009

Overview review of 'Cold Homes' a review into fuel poverty

Councillors Mrs L Grisedale,
Mrs S Orchard
and Mrs D Richardson.

Terms of Reference:
To get a good overview of the issues rather than focussing on any aspect in detail. To ensure as many residents in the District in fuel poverty are supplied with information to assist them with obtaining assistance and/or benefit take-up. This was a short but detailed review which not only contributed to the Council's policies but was included in a national consultation on fuel poverty. The final report was also issued nationally to all rural councils affiliated to SPARSE as a scrutiny best practice paper.


Housing and Community Panel Agenda: 10 September 2009: Item 12 (PDF: 415Kb / 19 pages)

This was a very successful review contributing towards a county review investigating the creation of Warm Zone area for the county. It also contributed to a national consultation on fuel poverty and the final report was issued to all SPARSE affiliated councils as an item of best practice.

2009 18/06/2009

In depth review of the Draft Affordable Housing Policy

Cllrs. G Boustead,
M Davidson,
Mrs L Grisedale,
M Holliday,
Mrs S Orchard,
W Patterson
and H Sawrey-Cookson (Chairman)

Terms of Reference:
To ensure the policy is practical and workable in relation to Eden. To consult widely and in depth with people and organisations on whom the policy will impact. To ensure the proposals for Affordable Housing are deliverable and supported both by building trade/housing associations and others impacted by the policy to deliver the targets for affordable housing as determined by the Core Strategy. The Review Group agreed to concentrate on one small section of the draft policy for in-depth investigation. The section indicated that developers should give free serviced plots on a development site to a designated housing association to develop affordable homes. Consultation ranged from desktop research, visiting a best practice council, issuing a questionnaire, to a workshop with developers, architects and housing association...


Executive Agenda: 7 July 2009: Item No 6a (PDF 685Kb / 27 pages)

Before this policy was approved by Council it was subsumed into the Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance document that was also a subject of scrutiny.

2009 09/04/2009

Panel consultation review into the Referral of World Heritage Decision April

Membership: The Environment and Economy Panel In 2006 we elected not to support the World Heritage Inscription of the Lake District National Park. The Executive referred this to the Environment and Economy Panel in 2008 to ensure this was still the correct decision. Officers from the World Heritage Bid gave a presentation in April 2009 to which all elected Members were invited.

Completed Referral of World Heritage Decision by Council (PDF: 86Kb / 3 pages)   31/01/2011
2009 29/01/2009

Overview review of Asset Management Plan

Councillors Mrs P Bell,
Mrs J Lowis and J Nicholson

Terms of Reference:
To investigate the policies of EDC when disposing or licensing land contained within the Asset Management Plan. To discuss one particular area of land where there is community interest to become involved in its upkeep. A meeting was held with the Assistant Director of Technical Services (Communities), which led to the recommendation in the report being pursued.

Completed Asset Management Plan 2008-2009 Review (PDF: 113Kb / 3 pages)   31/01/2011
2008 04/11/2008

Overview review of Village Halls

Cllrs. G Boustead,
M Davidson,
M Eyles,
Mrs L Grisedale,
Mrs S Orchard (Chairman), W Patterson,
Mrs D Richardson,
H Sawrey-Cookson
and M Smit

Terms of Reference:
To investigate whether the current EDC policies reflect the needs and requirements of Village Halls in the District. To investigate whether promotion of the grants service is adequate. To progress the Review an invitation was extended to all village hall representatives in the District to attend a meeting with the Review Group and Action with Communities (ACT). ACT deal with Village Hall Grants under a Service Level Agreement with EDC.


Review of Village Hall Grants (PDF: 51Kb / 9 pages)

By changing the grant limit the council can fund more village halls in any one year. As a result of meeting with village hall representatives the council has worked with Action with Communities in Cumbria (ACT) and has created a village halls website for all village halls in the district to use to promote their premises.

2008 03/10/2008

Overview review of Scrutiny Review of Partnership

Cllr. T Brunskill,
M Eyles,
Mrs J Raine
and M Tonkin (Chairman)

Terms of Reference:
To investigate whether the partnership is giving value for money. To quantify the benefits to the Council - that the outputs are greater than the inputs. Partnerships under review: Cumbria Information Hub Supporting People Cultural Partnership Cumbria Action for Sustainability formerly known as Eden Local Agenda 21.

Completed     31/01/2011
2008 15/05/2008

In depth review of Appleby New Fair

Councillor Mrs P A Bell (chair),
M D Eyles,
Mrs G M Lumley,
W W Patterson,
Mrs J E Raine,
Mrs A D Richardson,
Major H Sawrey-Cookson
and Mr G Wilson

The Appleby New Fair review will seek to complement the work already being undertaken by the Council on Appleby Fair by focusing on the community consultation aspect of the event. The review group has so far met on 10 September, 1 November, 4 December 2007, 22 January and 4 March 2008. The group has also undertaken visits to Appleby and the Brough Horse Fair.

Completed     26/07/2007
2008 10/04/2008

In depth review of Living Well Beyond Retirement

Councillor Mrs G M Lumley (chair),
R H Fisher,
Mrs L A Grisedale,
J E Raine,
G R Savage,
M Temple,
H W Threlkeld
and Ms H Thornley

The Living Well Beyond Retirement review sought to establish the primary problems facing older people in Eden, investigate how to better integrate and co-ordinate local elderly people's services to reflect local need and find a way to champion independence for older people. The review group met on 23 August, 16 October, 6 and 7 November, 3 December 2007,and on 15 January and 26 February 2008. The report of the review was considered by Scrutiny Committee on 10 April 2008.

Completed Living Well Beyond Retirement review (PDF: 226Kb / 51 pages)   31/01/2011
2007 12/11/2007

In depth review of Parishing Penrith - Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating a Town Council

This review sought to undertake an objective and impartial examination into the pros and cons of establishing a town council for Penrith. Referred to the meeting of Council on 19 April 2007.

Completed Report on Parishing Penrith (PDF: 200Kb / 41 pages)   22/08/2006
2007 18/01/2007

In depth review of Regulations and Policies Relating to Staff on Licensed Premises in Eden District

This internal review looked at the ways scrutiny members with a duty to shadow the policy committees or represent the Council on outside bodies report back to the Scrutiny Committee. Referred to the meeting of Council on 14 December 2006.

Completed Report on Regulations and Policies Relating to Staff on Licensed Premises in Eden District (PDF: 136Kb / 34 pages)   22/08/2006
2006 29/06/2006

In depth review of Promoting the Use of Alternative Energy in Eden District

This review examined alternative and sustainable sources of energy, considered how these might be utilised in Eden District and assessed how the Council might encourage organisations and individuals to use or provide alternative sources of energy.

Completed Report on Promoting the Use of Alternative Energy in Eden District (PDF: 919Kb / 81 pages)   31/01/2011
2006 20/04/2006

In depth review of Street Cleansing and Dog Fouling Services in Eden

This review assessed the current standards of street cleansing (time, frequency and standards) and investigated dog fouling problems and numbers of receptacles within Eden District.

Completed Report on Street Cleansing and Dog Fouling Services in Eden (PDF: 897Kb / 49 pages)   01/09/2005
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