Air quality in Penrith town centre and Eamont Bridge

In June 2013, we commissioned a detailed assessment of air quality in Penrith and Eamont Bridge. This assessment concluded that the levels of nitrogen dioxide within parts of Penrith town centre and Eamont Bridge exceeded 40ug/mm³, the Government's annual mean air quality objective for this pollutant. As a result, we must declare parts of Penrith Town Centre and Eamont Bridge as Air Quality Management Areas.

Maps of proposed Air Quality Management Areas:

You can download the detailed assessment report, or view it at our offices at Mansion House, Friargate, Penrith, during normal office hours (Monday to Thursday, 8.45am to 5.15pm, Friday 8.45am to 4.45pm).

Detailed Assessment Report for Penrith and Eamont Bridge (PDF 4.54 Mb / 46 pages)

After declaration, we produce a further air quality assessment within 12 months and an Action Plan within 18 months of the Order being made. The purpose of the Action Plan is to identify appropriate measures to reduce the level of nitrogen dioxide in the AQMA so that air quality meets the required standard.

We are required to declare Air Quality Management Areas where we have identified an exceedance of the Air Quality Objective for nitrogen dioxide in these areas.


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